The Checkpoint

I fell into your eyes one night

And I’ve not been quite the same

In our dance around each other

In this endless, driven game

You told me that you liked me

Quite formally, but still

The way it was you said it

Made all my senses thrill.

So turn your head towards me

Move into my arms

Raise your face to kiss me

And I’ll meet all your demands

I love the lightness of you

Your vanities and all

Your frailties are an open book

But I’ll catch you if you fall.

Riding along a mountain road

I hit a rock one day

The back wheel jumped, the cliff came close

And I quietly said your name

I don’t know what you were doing

Or where it was you were

But whatever it was or wherever you were

I’d like to think you heard.

So draw your nails down me

And show me what you do

Let loose the drape of your long hair

And I’ll sift my fingers through

Entwine your limbs about me

And we’ll hold each other close

As you close your eyes and shiver

At the passing of a ghost.

On a dark night I heard the click

Of a safety catch come off

And then a scream of challenge

As the soldier aimed his shot

I froze and carefully raised my arms

As the lights shone in my view

And squinting at their silhouettes

I only thought of you.

So we’ll head into the sunlight

Of another tropic dawn

And the limpid call of birdsong

As we walk across the lawn

To the house of many chambers

With the stairs ascending higher

And at last we’ll lie together…

As the soldiers opened fire.